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ClearSpotlight: A Cydia Tweak To Auto-Clear iPhone Spotlight Search

If you are a jailbroken user and want to bring a touch of convenience to your iOS device’s spotlight search, then ClearSpotlight is just the tweak you want. This little tweak makes your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch forget all about your last Spotlight query as soon as you open one search result. This means you will have more room in that area if you are using something like ToDo Notes. For everyone who is a stickler for neatness and order, it has got to be an annoying feature of iOS that every time a query is entered in the Spotlight search area, it remains there until you manually get rid of it hitting the small close button in the text box. ClearSpotlight is a tweak that keeps the search area completely functional, but just makes everything neater, and just the way it always should have been.

ClearSpotlightSpotlight Search

Usually what you need to do in Spotlight search is type your query in the search box, which will provide you with a list of everything present in the device related to the searched term. But when you click on the item you were looking for, the list will remain intact in the spotlight area, even when you are taken to the article you tapped from among the search results. This could be an annoyance as you might accidentally keep launching apps present in the list. Of course, you could hit the cross button in the search box to get rid of the list, but why should you have to go through the hassle?

That’s where ClearSpotlight enters the scenario. This tweak will automatically clear the search list every time you have completed a session. The next time you navigate back to spotlight, the area will be as good as new. Swiping to the right of the screen, or navigating to any of the suggested search results acts as a cue for ClearSpotlight to remove everything from Spotlight. The tweak might not be offering you much, but then again, it isn’t asking for much either as it is free. The tweak is present in the BigBoss repository of the Cydia store. After its installation, you will not have to perform any set up or configuration step, as everything will be taken care of automatically after the post-installation respring of your iPhone. There are a lot of tweaks that alter the functionality of Spotlight completely, so it is nice to see something like ClearSpotlight, which enhances the current offerings of iOS’ universal search feature.

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