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Clik: YouTube Remote Control, Streams Videos To Desktop [Android, iOS]

Looks like the popular YouTube Remote app just got some competition! The team behind the famous cross-platform IM app, Kik Messenger, has rolled out a brand new Android and iOS app called Clik that works on more or less the same grounds as Google’s very own YouTube Remote app. The app, in combination with any flash-enabled desktop browser, can be used to access, search for, stream and control YouTube videos from your mobile device straight to your computer’s web browser.

The process behind Clik is simple. Just open Clikthis.com on your desktop browser, and using the Clik app on your device, scan the unique QR code on the website. This will launch the app’s native YouTube explorer interface on your device, using which you can browse or search for any video on YouTube. The selected video is then streamed directly on the web browser in fullscreen, and can be controlled via the app running on your device. No need to set up any desktop servers, or log in to any services.

Another good thing about Clik is that it works over the internet as well as the same Wi-Fi network. That’s not all; using the app, you can also generate a code for the currently playing video. Your friends can then scan that code, and remotely control playback from their own devices too. No restriction on the number of users that can join in, and share the best YouTube content with each other.

Once the code is scanned, your desktop browser screen turns into a fullscreen YouTube player. Using the various tabs and controls available on the app’s interface, you can browse the YouTube video database, search for videos, add them to the favorites list, control video playback, and adjust volume levels. Tapping the clik button at the top-left of the screen lets you Disconnect (log out) from the app, and/or Show Clik Code so that your friends can scan to join the fun.


The standout aspect of Clik is the overall swiftness throughout the entire mechanism, starting from exploring the content from the service, to controlling it right from the device.

All in all, a great way to enjoy YouTube videos in fullscreen on your desktop browser. However, as compared to previously mentioned YouTube Remote, Clik has still got some ground to cover. As of now, there is no support for logging in with your YouTube account, so no way to access your favorite content from the service. Furthermore, unlike YouTube Remote, Clik currently does not support playlist management. However, once said void is filled, and support for other media sharing services and web-enabled devices is added, Clik might as well race ahead of its competitors.

Download Clik for Android

Download Clik for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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