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Clipix: Bookmark Interesting Online Content Under Clipboards [Android]

Stumbling upon numerous items of interest while surfing the web is a normal routine for most of us. Well, if it’s something of utmost importance for you, like a must-buy app, a must-read article or an item that requires immediate sharing, you might take the necessary actions right there and then. However, there are times when taking immediate actions against certain things is not a priority, and mere bookmarking such items of interest might suffice for the time being. For instance, it could be an article of interest that you wish to read upon reaching home, a piece of hardware that you want to purchase for your computer at the start of new month, an interesting smartphone app that you’re looking to share with your mates in spare time, or something that you do not want to get wiped from your memory in a hurry. Fresh to the Google Play Store, Clipix is an Android app that can alleviate your problem of bookmarking all such less important yet noteworthy items. Using the app, you can bookmark and save online items of interest in multiple ways under various user-created clipboards, specify sharing settings for each individual clipboard, and share the best content with your friends and family on the go. To expedite said process, the app lets you snap, save and store photos of virtually anything that you wish to purchase online, scan barcodes of URLs, products, apps, games, bookmark webpages, and supplement the added content with additional information.

If the bookmarked item is a product, the app lets you tag its price along with its snap, and helps you easily navigate to the online merchant’s website from where you can place the purchase order.


In order to starting to use the app, you need to log in to the Clipix service using your Facebook, Twitter or email ID. Once past that, you can access all your customizable and category-based clipboards. By default, the app presents you with a handful of predefined item categories under which you can start storing all your bookmarks. For instance, there is a category to store your eBooks, places for vacation, and interesting articles.


Tapping the + icon on the app’s Clipboard screen lets you add a new clipboard, with personalized sharing options. In this regard, you can opt to keep a clipboard public, private or accessible by only your friends/contacts. Once a clipboard is created, you can tap the menu button at the top-right of the screen to organize/sort the items on the list accordingly.


To start bookmarking content, tap the Add Clip tab at the top. As the screen would itself display, you have the option to Take a Photo, Choose a Photo from your phone, Scan a Barcode, and Add clips from the internet relevant to any item that you wish to bookmark. Along with each bookmarked item, you can specify its current price (if any), and/or add some brief memo notes for easy reminders. All the added items can be previewed on the app’s homescreen via relevant thumbnails under their respective categories.


Check out the official demo video below to find out what exactly is Clipix all about.

Download Clipix for Android

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