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Customize iOS App Switcher Actions & Close Button With CloseEnhancer [Cydia]

There is no denying the fact that iOS is a pretty handsome smartphone platform. The glossy icons, the smooth finishing touches and ease of navigation make it a hit among users, but all this can lead to loss of functionality at times. Take a look at the App Switcher tray in your iPhone, for instance. Many people end up launching apps from it when they are actually trying to kill them, owing to the small size of the red close/kill button. There are tweaks which let you replace the small close button with a larger one, but the newly released CloseEnhancer does much more than that. In fact, the larger close button is just one part of the Cydia tweak. Other than that, CloseEnhancer lets users kill individual apps in the tray by tapping them twice or more, kill the last opened app or all apps in the tray at once using the Home button. CloseEnhancer comes with a whole list of customizable options, that let users change almost every aspect of the App Switcher tray. The attention to detail on offer in this tweak is truly amazing, and you can learn all about it by heading past the break.

CloseEnhancer Settings CloseEnhancer App Switcher

The tweak won’t make any immediate change to the App Switcher tray after you install it. You will have to configure everything from the CloseEnhancer menu that is added within the stock Settings app. CloseEnhancer brings a bunch of new gestures for the App Switcher tray. It lets you choose from three different gestures for killing individual apps within the App Switcher. Double-tapping the Home button closes the first task in the tray, while holding the Home button clears the tray completely (though this feature did not seem to be working during our little test-run). This works independent of all the other gestures incorporated within the tweak.

Instead of changing the close buttons in the App Switcher tray automatically (like most other tweaks do), CloseEnhancer lets you choose said button yourself. You can choose to stick with the default red one, or go with the black ‘x’ button that appears over app icons on the home screen while in jiggle mode. The best thing here is that instead of imposing an ugly custom button upon users, both the buttons offered by CloseEnhancer are native iOS ones.

For all its usefulness, CloseEnhancer won’t cost its users anything, and you can grab it for free by heading to the ModMyi repo in the Cydia store.


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