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Cloud Service CX Launches Android App, 10GB Free Storage Up For Grabs

The number of cloud storage services have begun to increase exponentially. With each new service that emerges onto the global scene, not only do users get a considerable amount of cloud storage space to store their data, but also the option to access all the saved content from virtually anywhere. To add to the users’ convenience, most services also have a dedicated mobile client that provides them with the option to remotely access, modify and share cloud content right from their devices. CX (Cloud Experience) is a relatively fresh entrant to the cloud service market. Apart from offering a larger than usual 10 gigabytes of free online storage space to each registered account, the service also lets you share data and chat messages with other users across various major platforms including Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android. While the official iOS client of the service was released a few months back, the Android variant has just hit the Google Play Store.


At the moment he Android variant of the client is lagging behind both the iOS client and the web service itself in terms of features. While the iOS app comprises almost all the goodies offered by the service, such as modifying cloud content, collaborating with other users via group chat, syncing data across devices, and sharing download links of files publicly as well as privately, the Android version currently only allows browsing cloud storage.

First, you’ll need to log in to the app with a valid CX account, of course. You can use the client to view and download shared content, check the description and upload time of files, get a detailed breakdown of total space consumption, and see the total amount of data uploaded from your personal account as well as from your group members.


Among all other options that the Android client is lacking as of now, the most important one is the ability to upload files directly from your device to cloud. Hopefully, future updates will come in soon to bring it up to same level as its iOS counterpart. With the likes of Dropbox, Box and Google Drive constantly improving their respective mobile clients with additional features, new entrants like CX need to get better with their service as well as the list of options at a double pace than the competitors.

Download CX for Android


    • Megaupload is/was well-known.  And the issue with Megaupload has nothing to do with file storage.  It had everything to do with file distribution.

    • There is a lesson though.  If you’re going to use the cloud, redundancy is just as important there.  There’s no reason not to use CX and Dropbox.

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