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CmdTab: Access Useful iOS Shortcuts From Anywhere Using Gestures [Cydia]

Seems like these days, the developers over at the Cydia store are really interested in providing jailbroken iOS users with a lot of handy shortcut tweaks for their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. This assertion is supported by the likes of Deck, Appswitch and even Imperium to some extent. Now, another tweak has joined the rank of Cydia tweaks which are focused on bringing shortcuts to iOS devices, and providing users with a replacement for SBSettings. While CmdTab isn’t anywhere near as comprehensive as SBSettings, or even Deck, the tweak has a strikingly beautiful interface and lists some of the most used shortcuts for easy access. CmdTab is compatible with Activator, and uses an Activator gesture to be invoked.

CmdTab Menu CmdTab Power

After the tweak’s installation you have to go to the Activator settings menu and assign it a gesture. After you have done that, perform the selected gesture and you will be able to see the transparent shortcut bar, consisting of 7 options offered by CmdTab. To navigating among the items you just have to swipe across the popup menu. Here are the shortcuts currently supported by CmdTab.

  1. Settings: Takes you to the stock Settings app of your iDevice.
  2. Music: Opens the song library. The Music app will be on the exact view you left it the last time.
  3. Twitter: Takes you to the Twitter app, and if you haven’t installed it the web version of the service will be opened.
  4. Message: Lets you compose and send a new text.
  5. Wi-Fi: Unfortunately this is not a toggle, and will just take you to the Wi-Fi page within the Settings app. While this feature might be a disappointment for most, it does let you perform more detailed functionalities related to Wi-Fi as opposed to a plain toggle.
  6. Cydia: Launches the Cydia app.
  7. System Options: Menu for letting you respring, power off or reboot your device. This menu is quite redolent of the Power menu on offer in SBSettings.

The list might be a bit limited for now, but a future update might make amends. Also, we have to say that it would have been nice if there was some way of changing the position of certain icons in the CmdTab list. Even as it is, CmdTab merits a download for it’s a free tweak. You can find it in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, there are no Springboard icons or Settings menu for the tweak.

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