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College Bowl Guide Brings Everything About Football To Your iPad

Football is one of the sports which has a huge fan-following all over the world, and especially in the US. We have covered a few football-related apps in the past as well, like NFL Pro 12 and Fantasy Football 2011. However, if you have an iPad, you can have the perfect box of college football information right in your hands. College Bowl Guide is a comprehensive source for this season’s college football. With this app, you can get full details about fixtures, players, match day analysis, and even photos or information regarding cheerleaders!

College Bowl Guide College Bowl Guide Player

The app starts up with an introductory screen, where you can learn about all the sections of the app via text descriptions, and even through an explanatory video. There are many sections in the app, and you can browse the app’s data by going to them one by one. There are distinct sections for different competitions, like the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl and and Orange Bowl. In each of these tabs, you can view the latest from these competitions. The app also incorporates player profiles and other statistics regarding fixtures in the competitions. You can browse through fixtures based on the time of the year they will be played on. For that purpose, the fixture lists are divided into December Games, January Games & Title Games. In addition to these, some matches are featured as Staff Picks, where all those fixtures, along with complete details, are listed that have the potential of becoming highly charged affairs.

College Bowl Guide Videos College Bowl Guide Team

College Bowl Guide has a ton of videos as well, which are constantly updated to reflect the latest happenings in the world of college football. You can even vote on different polls created by the app’s staff to show your likes and dislikes for certain players or cheerleaders. Despite being such a comprehensive app, there are some flaws in the working of College Football Guide. The biggest one is its interface. First of all, it does not support landscape mode, which is always a big negative for an iPad app. Also, the videos take a lot of time to load properly, and other parts of it are laggy in loading as well. However, these minor drawbacks do not completely nullify the app’s usefulness, and hence, if you are into college football, and own an iPad, the app is a must-have, especially since it is free. Find the download link for the app below.

Download College Football Guide

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