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College T.A: An iPhone App To Completely Manage Your Student Life

If you are a student, or have ever been one, you must know that despite what people say, student life isn’t easy. It’s true that you do have loads of fun, but sometimes it does get hard to keep track of all that is going on around you and what exactly are you supposed to do at what time. Now time management can sound like a boring word, but College T.A is anything but boring. Think of it as an iOS app which gets serious business done with a rather non-serious interface. From lecture timings to professor contact info and course management, College T.A has got it all covered.

College T.ARegistrar

Here are all the menus used by College T.A to manage and store everything related to student life and studies.

Registrar’s Office

This tab is the backbone of the whole app. It goes a long way in combining educational and social life of a student. You can keep a streamlined record of all the work assigned to you by sorting it either on the basis of the course it pertains to, or the teacher who assigned that particular work. In the Professors option you can profile any of your teachers completely (save name, contact info, and any other data about them). Similarly, you can build a database for each and every course you are currently studying. This includes setting alarms and reminders related to the course.


The events option concentrates more on the social side of life. Don’t want to forget about that awesome concert next month? Add it to your iPhone’s calendar using College T.A with complete details. Organizations and jobs let you store everything about these topics, also with alarms and reminders. You can also bookmark important dates and events related to these fields.


Assignments & Calendars

As the name suggests, the Assignments tab keeps a thorough record of your completed or pending work. Calendars are pretty much like the stock iOS calendar, but with the ability to add notes and alarms against each date. This can be extremely helpful in ensuring that you never miss an important deadline again.

To-Do List

Like any other To-Do list, College T.A’s list features all the tasks you set as pending, along with time, date and alarm time where necessary.

The app is completely free, so no reason for letting College T.A pass you by if you would really like a comprehensive task manager.

Download College T.A

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