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Color Splurge: Edit Photos & Post Them As Real Greeting Cards [iPhone]

Color Splurge is the perfect iOS app for the holiday season. There are many apps for creating greetings cards, and they might come with many default templates, but most of them just allow users to add a photo to the card before they can post it. Color Splurge, however, allows iPhone users to make a few changes to their photos before they post them. This app links up with many other services, so that you can post your cards online, or if you choose to do so, also allows users to post the cards in real life. Read on past the break for details and download link.

Color Splurge Color Splurge Settings

The first thing which should be clarified about Color Splurge is that it is not supposed to be used as a photo editor. The main object of the app is to create postcards, and then share them via a variety of mediums. To use the app, just load up an image, which can be done by going to the app’s Settings, and from there, creating a new project. There are many areas from which the photo can be chosen. You can use a photo directly from your Facebook account, or there is the option to extract them from your device’s photo library. Using Color Splurge, you can also snap a photo directly from your iPhone’s camera, and then edit it. In this app, you can do nothing more than just tinkering with the photo’s colors. As soon as a photo is loaded to the app, it is turned to grey scale. If you swipe your finger over any part of the image, the original colors will be added to that area. Similarly, by choosing the Gray tab, the colored area of the pic can be greyed out once again. The third option for editing is Colorize. Through colorization, instead of going for the picture’s real colors, you can pick a color of your own choice, and fill the image up with that color.

Color Splurge Sharing Color Splurge Postcard

When you have edited the image to your liking, the sharing options offered by Color Splurge are pretty extensive as well. In addition to the option of keeping the edited image to yourself in the device’s library, you can email it to anyone, share it on Facebook, or there is the option to just copy the edited image to clipboard. The best sharing option present in Color Splurge is its integration with Sincerely (a service previously reviewed by us). Sincerely will let users post their edited photos t o anyone in the world.

Color Splurge is a free app, and can be downloaded from the App Store link below.

Download Color Splurge

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