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CommandSpot: Execute Shortcut Commands From Spotlight Search [Cydia]

The Spotlight search in iOS is one feature of the iPhone which gives the impression that it has the potential of achieving much more than it currently does. A few months ago, we covered a Cydia tweak named Fbspot, which allows users to run commands related to Facebook from the Spotlight search. CommandSpot is a new tweak which generalizes the concept, and takes things a step further. This tweak comes with a number of commands, which make using an iDevice faster and more convenient, by providing shortcuts executable via Spotlight.

Spotlight Commands CommandSpot

The shortcuts offered by the tweak deal with some native app operations as well. For example, you can go straight to the SMS composition menu by typing SMS in Spotlight. Here are some of the commands supported by CommandSpot.

  • Tw: Opens the Twitter app, or any of its installed third-party clients. If no relevant app is found, Twitter is opened in Safari.
  • Fb: Performs the same functionality as Tw, but for Facebook.
  • Respring: Resprings your device.
  • Reboot: Pretty self-explanatory
  • Settings: Opens the Settings app.
  • Wifi: Takes you to the Wi-Fi menu in Settings.
  • Mail: Opens the mail app on the New Mail page.
  • SMS: Compose an SMS.
  • Cmd: Opens a list of all the commands supported by the tweak.

Apart from these commands, CommandSpot can take you straight to the official websites of services like CNN, Yahoo and Bing, as soon you enter their name in Spotlight.

The tweak is free, and if more commands are added to its arsenal, it can become a whole lot more useful. CommandSpot is available in the ModMyi repo in the Cydia store.

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