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Compass For Maps: A Cydia Tweak To Integrate Compass With iOS Maps App

A couple of days back we covered the integration of speedometer with Maps in iOS. Looks like the folks over at the Cydia store are pretty determined to give the Maps app everything related to navigation and make it a one-stop shop for all location-related tasks. After a speedometer, now it’s possible to add a compass to your device’s maps using a simple tweak named Compass for Maps. Of course, all modern iOS devices are capable of acting like a compass, and that is why there is even a really comprehensive stock Compass app in newer versions of iOS. If you don’t like that, you are sure to come across some really good third-party apps that serve the purpose of indicating your direction in real-time. Having said that, it has to be admitted that no iOS maps app is quite as well-integrated with the OS as the stock one, and that is why many people use it regularly. So, to have a fully functional compass in the maps app is sure to make life easy for everyone.

Compass for Maps 1Compass for Maps 2

If you have a jailbroken device, then simply head over to the Cydia store and search for “Compass for Maps”. It is present in the Big Boss repo. Once installed it will be automatically enabled. If it’s not, go to Settings and you’ll find it in the Extensions section. Simply select it and toggle it on. Now when you will restart the Maps app, you will see the regular location indicator replaced by a compass. The usual marker will still be there, but with the exception that its middle part is replaced by a small and black display. This display will specify the direction you are facing right now, and has the usual alphabets of SW, N, E, etc.

The tweak has the ability to work in conjunction with Speed for Maps, but will only work with devices having a built-in compass (iPhone 3GS and later). For now, Compass For Maps only displays the initials of the directions you are moving in. There are no coordinates, and that really would have been an awesomely useful feature in the maps app. Apart from that, things could have been more useful if there was a HUD compass at the bottom of the maps screen, so that you can view everything without the compass display hindering your view. So, if you liked Speed for Maps, Compass for Maps is sure to sit well with you, specially if you use it with the Speedometer one.

[via FSM]

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