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Confirmed: Google Fixing Street View For Google Maps On Android

It is now confirmed from official Google Support, that Google Street View Android app is facing problems and is broken. We received multiple complaints and feedbacks regarding the Google Street View app giving “data connection lost, Retrying” error and extremely slow photo loading.

On some Android devices the application is either force closing or has disappeared altogether. The main bug seems to be with the app’s capability to pull up photos of the locations while navigating. According to a Google Employee Tom, on Google Support forums, the situation is known to Google and they are trying their best to fix the glitch.

…The Google Maps for mobile engineering team has informed me that the error’s caused by a Street View bug, and they’re hard at work tweaking our servers to resolve the issue. If the issue hasn’t gone away or improved for your phone already, it’s expected that it should be backing to working order shortly. Thanks to your feedback in this forum, we were able to move rapidly to diagnose this issue.

My sincerest apologies for any frustration this issue’s caused in your Google Maps for Android experience – as a frequent user myself, I can certainly empathize. It’s my hope that you all continue to keep bringing your Google Maps issues and great discussions about the app to this forum…

And a recent update goes like:


Hi all,

I wanted to provide an update. As some more of you have noticed, Street View isn’t working correctly or isn’t accessible using Google Maps on your Android phones. We’ve narrowed down the problem and are working to address it, but please know we’re aware of this issue and are hoping to get it fixed as soon as possible. Again, thank you for your patience in the meantime.



In case you are also facing the same problem with Google Street View App on your Android handset, then don’t worry as this isn’t your phone’s fault and Google is taking care of it.


  1. I am having difficulty trying to download Streetview for google maps from the android marketplace. There is no “download” button on the streetview page. I have a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.

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