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Connection Checker For Android Fixes Weak WiFi/Mobile Network Signals

Does it not feel infuriating when your WiFi or mobile network repeatedly taps out due to weak reception. Not only does this hamper your internet browsing experience, download tasks, music/ video streaming session or whatever relevant task you may have at hand, it drains the battery very much like an exhausted, famished jock gulps down an energy drink! If you have tried most of what the Android Market has to offer to rectify said issue, and are still looking for a viable solution to the notorious problem mentioned above, then you might want to check out Connection Checker – a free and easy-to-use Android tool that checks the network status after a user-defined time interval and automatically toggles the WiFi or mobile network Off in the event of weak or no signals till a stable connection is established.

In essence, connection Checker looks to address a common issue that most of us face on a frequent basis. In case your device has authorized access to multiple access points (APs) or is exposed to several open Wi-Fi networks, the Wi-Fi radio tries to communicate with each detected one and, more often than not, manages to establish a connection with one or the other, no matter however weak. As a result of an overly weak connection, the device fails to retain connectivity, and hence, the connection is lost, leaving the Wi-Fi radio start the detection process afresh. This is where an app like Connection Checker can come in handy.


Each time the app checks the network status, it makes a log entry for the user’s convenience. You can read said entries and manually check the network status from within the Log tab.

In case of weak or no WiFi signals, the app automatically disables WiFi for a user-defined time interval, after which it gets reenabled. Said value can be altered from Settings > Wifi re-enable time. In case the mobile network goes down, the app temporarily enables Airplane Mode, refreshing the network altogether.


Connection Checker runs as a background service that, as per default settings, automatically starts on boot. The free version of the app does not allow you to disable auto-launch on boot. Said feature, along with the option to enable notifications and connection/read timeout, is reserved for the pro (paid) version. Both versions are available from the Android Market. You can, however, download v 1.0.9 of Connection Checker Pro for free from the application thread at XDA-Developers.

Download Connection Checker For Android (Free)

Download Connection Checker Pro For Android (Paid)


  1. Hello – I’m the developer of this app; thank you for writing this post! Very well written, and great screenshots 🙂

    One note though, the Free version should start at boot, and you need the Pro version to make it *not* start at boot. That is the intended behavior anyway, and is what I see on my devices. Is that not what you are seeing? Thanks!

    Jeremy ( jeremychase on gmail )

    • Ah, sorry about that, Jeremy and thanks for clearing it up. It seems I overlooked that detail. The post has been fixed.

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