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ContactPrivacy: Get Notified When Apps Try To Access Contacts [Cydia]

If you are concerned with your privacy and own an iOS device, then it is likely that you are familiar with the latest uproar created by the popular social networking app, Path, as it was revealed that the app uploads the address book of its every user to their own servers, without asking for any consent or even displaying a warning. This means that the personal data of users is vulnerable to intrusion, and not as safe as they might be inclined to believe. Even more alarming is the knowledge that more apps, other than Path, can be doing the same, leaving your contacts replicated on numerous servers without your knowledge. That is why ContactPrivacy is an important Cydia tweak, which will notify you each time an app tries to access your contacts.

ContactPrivacy Notification ContactPrivacy

The CEO of Path might have apologized and the app cleansed itself with a new update (which asks for user permission before accessing the address book), but the same can not be said about countless other apps out there in the App Store, which might be using your contacts without your knowledge. To counter this situation, if you’re jailbroken, go to the Cydia store, access the Big Boss repo, and download the tweak named ContactPrivacy. It is available for free, and once installed, you will not see any new icon on the Springboard of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The same holds true for the Settings menu, as the tweak is not customizable at all, and starts working as soon as you install it.

After ContactPrivacy has been installed, you will get a push notification as soon as you are in a section of any third-party app which accesses your address book, which usually happens when you are trying to create a new account for any service. As noted in the text of the notification, if you don’t allow an app access to your contacts, it might not work properly, so decide wisely if an app really needs your contacts to function or not. For example, if a service focuses solely on contact management, you will have to allow it access, but a camera app snooping around in your address book might be a sign of trouble.

A pretty useful tweak, and for free, it is a must-have if you are concerned about your privacy and want to keep your contacts to yourself. ContactPrivacy doesn’t interfere with any other existing functionality of your device, making it absolutely perfect for jailbreak users.

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