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Content Shield: Content Privacy And Password Management For WP7

Content Shield is a Windows Phone 7 app that allows users to save their tasks, reminders and even jokes, under password protection. That’s not all; using this app, you can save all (and by that, we really mean, all) your passwords. The thing I desperately wanted on my WP7 is password locking of specific areas, for example, without locking the whole device, I wanted to protect my reminder list. Content Shield provides Mango users with just that.

ContentShieldContentShield Passwords

You will need to create a new password specifically for the app, with which you can apply locks to specific tabs. The first menu is for passwords themselves. Here, there are categories for virtually any account you could think of. Users can save passwords for social networking sites, email accounts, or even real-life passwords like banking PIN codes etc, with respect to categories pre-defined in the menu.

ContentShield TasksContentShield ShoppingContentShield Jokes

My Tasks is your personal, password-protected reminders list as well, as you can store all your pending or completed tasks, which will also be displayed on the app’s live tile. My Shopping is a pretty useful area for making shopping lists and even comparing the prices of your purchases with a little Bing magic. The most strange member of Content Shield is the Jokes section (which can also be password protected), where you can add your own jokes, or get them from a preloaded Twitter feed. A rather clever use of this area can be adding a note (of whatever length you want) to the app, and later lock it with your predefined password.

With the best price tag of ‘free’, Content Shield is definitely worth a try.

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[via WPCentral]

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