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Control And Disable iPhone Auto Screen Rotation

The iPhone comes with a nice accelerometer, allowing for the user interface rotation in certain apps and bringing forth the impressive landscape keyboard. While very useful, this can sometimes become a nuisance in a user getting caught in a constant portrait-landscape cycle, or when you just want to hold your device sideways to view something without the interface rotating. Solutions such as SBSettings’ rotation add-on are available, but they change the settings throughout the device. What if you want application specific control?

iNoRotate from EvilPenguin is one such tweak which when enabled, disables the screen rotation. How it differs from other such tweaks is that it allows application specific control. Once installed, it will add under the native Settings app, and offers controls to disable rotation for All Applications, SMS app, Mail app, Safari app, Notes app and Contacts app. You may also disable the tweak altogether through Settings, as well.

iNoRotate (2) iNoRotate (1)

This tweak is available free from Cydia, under Tweaks, via BigBoss repository. Obviously, it is for jailbroken devices only.

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