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Control Music From Spotlight Via Commands Using SpotPod [Cydia]

The Spotlight search area is made more and more useful with the release of each Cydia tweak that allows users to type commands in it to perform various tasks. Examples of such tweaks for iOS devices include CommandSpot and Fbspot, which convert the Spotlight area into a command prompt of sorts. Now you can add another tweak to this list, as SpotPod is a new tweak which will let you enter a few basic commands in the Spotlight search area to control the stock music app in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Admittedly, the number of commands is pretty limited for now, but if you have SpotPod installed on your iDevice, it becomes possible to control the music with ease and efficiency. All you have to do in order to control any area of the Music app is to type a one-word command in the Spotlight search area, and hit the enter button on the keyboard.

Spotlight Controls Spotpod Cydia

SpotPod does not have a Springboard shortcut or Settings app menu from where it can be controlled or configured. This is due to the fact that there isn’t anything much to configure in the tweak. After it has been installed, you can go straight to the Spotlight search area and key in any of the 4 available commands to control the Music app. The commands which SpotPod brings to the mix are as follows.

Play: Starts playing the song in the Music app where it was last left off.

Pause: Stop the current track.

Next: Go to the next track in the current playlist.

Previous: Go back to the last song. You might have to key in this command twice, as the first input might take you no farther back than the start of the current song.

The controls offered by this Cydia tweak are not as convenient as gestures, but if you are not a big fan of gesture control, SpotPod has the potential to become one of your favorite tweaks. Some might say that the tweak can become even better if more commands are added to its support list, but the tweak’s biggest advantage is its limited number of commands as users can easily memorize them. SpotPod is a free tweak, and if you are interested in getting yet another quick and easy way of controlling the stock Music app, head to the ModMyi repo in the Cydia store and grab it right now.

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  • Its nice to control music via spotlight.Thank you for the thoughtful review.