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Control PC Torrents from Android HomeScreen with Transdroid

android-logo-whiteSitting at a coffee shop, you see a movie poster or a friend recommends a movie and you decide to torrent it. You go home and either forget about it or start the download and wait for it to finish. Why cant you just reach home and start watching it immediately? You can! Transdroid lets you search for the torrent from any of your favorite torrent sites, add it up on your PC’s Torrent Client and start the download, all from your Android phone while you are sitting at the coffee shop and enjoying your latte.

A must have for the geeks who are used to life at full pace, Transdroid is an Android widget that lets you start, stop, pause, add, remove and monitor your torrents from an elegant little widget on your phone.

Transdroid WidgetWhat you’ll need :

  • An Android device.
  • A WebUI enabled torrent client at the server PC. [We will be using uTorrent for the purpose.]
  • Something to download.

WebUI Tips :

  • Instructions for setting uTorrent up for this purpose on your PC can be found here.
  • You must ensure that uTorrent communication port is being forwarded along with your IP through your router/DSL modem for WebUI Access. Detailed Instructions on doing this are available on PortForward.com.
  • If you have a dynamic IP , you can set up a host name for your system. There are free dynamic DNS services available so you can automatically give your IP a host name and access it from anywhere on the internet. No-IP.com is one such option.

Transdroid Setup :

  • Download and Install Transdroid from Android Market or via AppBrain by scanning this QR Code.Transdroid QR Code
  • Launch the application on your phone and add a new server.
  • Add Server Name/Server Type/IP Address or Domain Name/Port.
  • Enter authentication credentials.
  • SSL Authentication is available if required.

Go back, let the server refresh and you’re good to go. You should be presented with the torrent list on your server, the seeding rate, the download rate and the ETA for the completion of the downloads. Customization is available in terms of RSS feeds, default search site, widget colors and much more. Multiple servers are also supported along with compatibility with various popular torrent clients.

Happy Torrenting!

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