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Control Voltage With OTB-Reloaded Kernel For Samsung Fascinate On CM7

android-voltage-controlKernels are the heart of your Android device’s alongside the CPU of course. This time around, XDA-Developers forum member nemesis2all has created a kernel for the Samsung Fascinate running the CyanognenMod 7 ROM, that allows you not only to overclock your device’s CPU but gives you control of the voltages as well and not many kernels allow that. For more on this kernel and how to install it on your device, read on!


supercurio for all of the wonderful work on project-voodoo.
adrynalyne for his roms and odin packages.
enderst for allowing me to build on his machine….that is awesome and so l33t to ssh to build on a remote machine.
nedlar, taninm, rodderick, koush, thomasskull666, raspdeep, imnuts, khasmek, sirgatez, existz, nullghost.
Dank for the mirrors.
All of the testers.

The kernel would allow the user to push his phone to the limit or save some battery by undervolting it. Every phone behaves differently on different voltages at different speeds so this kernel allows you to find the sweet spot of your device. Before we move into the flashing procedure, here’s a quick look at the features of this kernel according to the developer:

  • Built from ground up with new fascinate source.
  • Overclock up to 1.6 Ghz.
  • 13 frequency steps total.
  • UV control via sysfs using Voltage Control app.
  • Voodoo lagfix, color, and sound.
  • BLN.
  • Added simple i/o scheduler and set as default.
  • Added BFQ scheduler.
  • Added autogroup_sched patch v4.
  • Kernel hz at 300, User hz at 150.
  • TinyRCU.
  • Initramfs from JT1134 with busybox, and init.d support added.
  • Update zip installs su binary and Superuser.apk.
  • Modules tun and cifs included.
  • Backported ext4 patches.
  • Updated reserved memory settings and jhash3 table from speedmod kernel.
  • Battery Hack.
  • Uses edify scripting.
  • Other misc tweaks.

Important: Use Voltage Control from the Android Market to adjust the voltages, not SetCPU.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.



Simply flash the kernel downloaded from the link above, via recovery. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, see our guide on How To Flash A ROM And Zip Files Via Recovery In Android.

For updates and queries, visit the forum thread at XDA-Developers.

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