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Control Your Android Phone Using Gtalk!

Earlier we covered an article on controlling your Android device via your computer. The only drawback it had was everything was to be controlled through browser. If you’re looking to keep yourself limited to Google Talk only because of constant sms and notifications regarding calls, Talkmyphone comes in. It enables user to get notified for happening events on the phone directly to Gtalk. So simply put, if you want to stay uninterrupted by your phone while working, this app comes in as a treat.

When you use multiple computing devices, the ability to access them remotely from each other can save you from a lot of hassle while you are using them together at the same time. When it comes to handheld devices, such access can come handy both ways, i.e. controlling your computer from your phone or tablet when you are or want to stay away from your computer keyboard, but still need to access your computer periodically or occasionally, or controlling your phone or tablet from your computer when you’re already working on your computer. Talkmyphone lets you easily perform the latter, allowing you access of your Android phone or tablet from not just your computer but from any device you have GTalk installed on, so it can work from Android-to-Android as well, in addition to working from Computer-to-Android.

Before we proceed, there has to be one clarification. Talkmyphone doesn’t give you complete remote access to your phone; the access is limited to the ability to get your phone’s notifications right in GTalk without having to check the device itself. Secondly, you can also send SMS from your phone using this app, without having to touch the phone. Do note that the SMS will still be sent from the phone itself, and you will be charged for it according to your cellular package plan.

The setup process takes less than a minute. Key in your email and password credentials and you’re all set. Start Talkmyphone service by a single tap from the app. A green icon will appear on your notification bar. It will open a Gtalk conversation with you on your computer and will forward you all the incoming sms, call notifications and battery state.


Another key feature of this app is that any jabber account can be accessed using it as well. With jabber you get the advantage of connecting from one account and notifying another account.

Update: For Android 2.0 or later, Talkmyphone is rebranded as GTalkSMS. Both Talkmyphone and GTalkSMS are available on the Android Market as fully functional, ad-supported free versions, and donate keys are available for those who want to support the development and remove ads.

Download Talkmyphone (for under Android 2.0)

Download GTalkSMS (for Android 2.0 or later)

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