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Convex: Unit Conversion With Animations & Intuitive Understanding [iOS]

An iOS app which converts a value from one unit to another is nothing new, and you can even perform most such calculations using the stock calculator app present in the iPhone. There is one unit conversion app, however, which might force you to change your mind. Meet Convex, an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which does nothing more than unit conversion, on the surface at least. You will know what we mean as soon as you launch it for the first time. Convex has a strikingly beautiful interface, and that alone is enough to take it out of the “just another unit converter” category, but wait – there’s more to the app than that. Convex deals with a staggeringly large number of units (close to a thousand), and the best thing about it is that you are sure to find your desired units in no time at all. There are interactive animations associated with every genre of units, and you can learn more about them by heading past the break.

What makes Convex stand out even more from the crowd, is the way it handles unit conversion. The app is smart, in that you don’t really need to specify the units to their accuracy for conversion. Suppose you want to convert 5’10” to metric system. Either key in 5ft 10, or 5’10 (without signifying the inch part), and the app will automatically interpret what you meant and give the right conversion. It learns how you interact, and will bring even better results in future runs.

Convex iPhone Home Convex iOS Settings

On the homepage of Convex there is a wheel, which makes up the main section of the app. On the edges of this wheel you will find the pictures of all the values this app can handle, like time, length, force, radioactivity, etc. There are a total of 20 categories, and by rotating the wheel you can arrive at the value’s dedicated page. If at any point you are confused about something, you can bring up the Convex’s starting graphical tutorial by tapping the “?” button above the wheel. To turn off (or on) sounds, hit the little speaker button. You can bring up the settings menu associated with the app through the “i” button in the middle of the wheel. Via these settings, it is possible to specify conversion types, accuracy of the calculations (decimal places) and also choose a picture which will be used in certain value calculations.

Convex iOS Entity Page Convex iOS Units

To make a conversion, choose the entity from the wheel, and then tap the name which will be shown below it. Once you have done that, tap the top bar and choose the source and target units and tapping the default unit names displayed below the value. You can interchange the position of the units by tapping the refresh button between them. An alternative way to input the values is to go to the animation attached to each entity, and then adjusting the sliders to match your requirements. Every value has distinct and appropriate animation, which changes as the values are tinkered with.

Convex has pretty good sharing options, with the ability to let users send results to others via SMS or email, and you can also make the app read the calculations out loud, all from the sharing menu. The app is usually $1.99, but recently went free, so waste no time in going to the App Store and grabbing this wonderful deal.

Download Convex

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