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Cool Cleaner For Android Makes Clearing History And App Cache Easier

Cool cleaner is a free Android app that brings all major application cache files and history data under one hood and allows you to do away with them with a couple of taps. Quite a handy application to have if you want to regularly clear cache that certain applications might be accumulating, or to be able to clear browser, call and search history of certain Google apps without having to do it separately for each of the mentioned applications.

If you have used CCleaner on your PC, the concept of Cool Cleaner will be quite clear for you. It can be considered as a CCleaner alternative for Android. The app is quite straightforward and has a no-frills approach. The interface comprises two tabs, one for history data and the other for app cache. From the History tab, users can (as of this writing) selectively clear browser history, call history including missed, incoming and outgoing call logs, and history of searches made on Android Market the Google Play Store, Google Maps and Gmail.


There is one thing to note here – due to the way Android is built, using the app to clear history doesn’t exactly work right from the app itself. Instead, tapping on an application listed in the Cache tab launches the built-in application management utility of Android, wherefrom you may clear its history by clearing its cache. This is due to the restrictions in Android as each application is sandboxed and applications can’t directly access the data or cache of other applications (unless they have root access and you are using a rooted phone), thus you must do this step manually from the app management system application. As you might have noticed, you can do the same without even having this app. Though this app does make it easier by allowing you an interface to directly access each of these common apps in the app management utility, without having to scroll through the list of all your installed apps in the utility itself to look for these apps directly there.

You can grab Cool Cleaner for free from the Android Market Google Play Store via the link below. While the free version comes fully functional, it contains advertisements. If ads annoy you, or if you simply want to support the developer, there is an ad-free paid version of the app available on the Play Store as well, which you can buy for just over a dollar.

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