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Copic – A Cydia Tweak To Associate Pictures With Contacts [iOS]

Back in the time when mobile phones used to be just phones, and not smartphones, a functionality that was common to a variety of handsets was the association of pictures with contacts. It appeals to basic human nature to have as much visual information as possible. Besides, it provides the users with a nice way to organize and manage their contacts. Unfortunately, people using iPhone or iPad might feel a bit left out of this discussion as there have long been complaints regarding this issue. Not anymore, though. Copic is here to fix this relatively minor issue (for jailbroken users only). We cannot say that Copic is the first tweak of its kind, as there are already quite a few Cydia tweaks and apps that offer this kind of functionality. However, Copic is worthy of a post owing to the kind of options and details it offers.

Copic Settings

The tweak is available in the Big Boss repo of the Cydia store for $1.49. The name (a combination of ‘Contact’ and ‘Picture’) clearly suggests all this tweak does. After installation, you will find Copic in the Extensions tab of your device’s Settings menu. The best functionality Copic offers is the display of images while you are texting. Instead of the sender’s name, you will be able to view his or her picture during the conversation. Not only does Copic show the contact photos in the stock Contacts menu, it also works seamlessly with other apps incorporating your contact information.  The tweak works on FaceTime (even on iPad), while when you are in the SMS list of the Messages app, the photo of each contact will appear next to every thread.

Contact photos are something that have been around for iOS for quite a while, so you can say that the Copic tweak does not add a really new functionality to the mix. All it does is that it makes the contact picture universally available on your jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch. Thanks to Copic, no matter where each contact’s name or number appears, the picture associated with it will also appear alongside it. So, all you have to do after the tweak’s installation is to make sure that everyone has got a photo associated with their contact info on your phone. The tweak is available for iPhone, iPod and iPod touch. Although alternatives exist, Copic combines the working of many such options into a single tweak and this makes it worth having.

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