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Create A Will & Make Your Own Medical Choices With iLivingWill [iPad]

Not many of us give too much thought to the matter of death, which is a good thing probably, but it is an irrefutable fact that everyone has to die some day. The same holds true for growing old. While many people are lucky enough to be surrounded by people who are trustworthy, and you can rely on them to take care of you even if you are in no condition to make decisions yourself, still it never hurts to be a bit careful, and that’s why the concept of leaving a will exists. A will is not only a document to be used after a person has died, it can also contain clauses that take effect in emergency situations when a person is not in full command of their faculties. iLivingWill is an app for the iPad that lets you create a legally acceptable will of your own, which deals with most medical scenarios you might be faced with in the future.

iLivingWill Clause

A will is a rather complex document, and it is no mean feat to cover all the bases when you are writing one. That is why this iOS app is so useful. Who better to make your will than yourself? You know your problems fully and have a complete grasp over the issues surrounding you. Using the app is really easy, and it guides you through each step in a descriptive manner. There are 30 pages in total, and a lot of them are just dedicated to get you started and laying out the basic principles for creating wills. Once you have gotten a hang of everything, you have to enter your name and a new password for the will. iLivingWill can store more than one will at a time, and all the drafts can be found on the main page of the app. As a will can consist of many clauses, iLivingWill states all those clauses separately and has simple checkboxes against a lot of possible choices for a certain clause.

iLivingWill DraftWhen you are done writing your living will, just hit the Save button in the top left corner. The drafts of your will can be printed via AirPrint or you can email it to anyone from within the app. However, before doing that you have to activate the will, which indicates that you are done deciding all the clauses and want to finalize things.

You might find the whole idea of iLivingWill a bit too depressing, but the app is really easy to use, and available for free, so it can’t hurt to give it a try if you own an iPad.

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