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Create & Install Custom Android 2.2 Froyo ROM On Galaxy S & Captivate

Tried all the custom Froyo ROMs on your Samsung Galaxy S I9000 or Captivate? If that geek in you still hungers for more, we might just have something you can cook up to feed that appetite. RomKitchen is a web app that allows you to conveniently create your very own Galaxy S or Captivate Froyo ROM through a GUI in a few simple steps. Please note that if you have any other Galaxy S variant, like the Epic 4G, Vibrant or Fascinate, ROMs created through this web app won’t work on these devices.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.

What you’ll need: samsung-galaxy-s-phone

  • A Samsung Galaxy S (rooted) or Captivate (rooted). Click here to see our guide on how to root Samsung Galaxy S | For  Samsung Captivate, click here.
  • A stable internet connection.


Visit RomKitchen (from the link at the bottom of this post) and select your phone when presented with the choice as seen below.


After you make your selection (we chose the Galaxy S), you’d be taken to the home page. Click on generate.


Use the standard base ROM as provided in the following screen. Choose full wipe.


Now you choose your regions code. For simplicity’s sake I chose JP9 Multi CSC which covers multiple regions.


Now to choose the kernel. We picked Hardcore’s Kernel which uses the SpeedMod K13A prebuilt. For more information on SpeedMod please see our guide on how to install the SpeedMod Kernel on Froyo 2.2.1 over here.


Choose the modem according to your region, no rocket science about this.


Time to select your apps! You can choose the apps from 5 categories; Internet Browser, Launchers, Keyboards, Base Applications & Utilities.


Next up are the system tweaks. If you’re not sure about what these tweaks do, please leave it at default to avoid bricking your phone. But incase if you’re adventurous like us, don’t let us stop you.


Now for some eye candy, the themes selection. There are quite a handful of themes to choose from and you can always Google these themes to see how they look before making your choice.


Now no Android device would be complete without a boot animation, would it? This support was missing for a while but not anymore. Again, quite a handful of animations are available and so are the previews in the link provided.


Down to the last customization. Here you choose your audio theme from Nexus S, Galaxy S stock, and the much popular CyanogenMod 7. After making your selection hit the generate button as shown below.


This is the window that would show up telling you that the ROM is being cooked.


Depending on your internet connection you will then see the following window in under a minute. Congratulations! You have just cooked up your own custom ROM for your Galaxy S or Captivate. Go ahead and just download the ROM or use the QR code (not the one seen below!). Be sure to wipe the phone before attempting to flash if you selected the full wipe option in the start.


For updates and queries, head over to the forum thread at XDA-Developers.

Visit RomKitchen

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