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Create And Share Panoramic Photos With 360 For Android

The app stores of the top three smartphone platforms – Android, iOs & WP7 – are saturated with numerous photography apps, and the Android Market is simply no exception in this regard. Ranging from simple camera replacement apps to those filled with various photo effects and filters, you can scour the app store of Google’s mobile operating system to find a solution that fulfills your photography needs. New to the Android Market, 360 is yet another commendable tool for casual photography enthusiasts. The app lets you capture HD panoramic photographs with your Android device and share them with your social media (Facebook, Twitter) contacts and other 360 users, complete with geotagging. You can also view panoramas uploaded by 360 users from all around the globe or those in your vicinity from within the app. In all, it’s a nifty little photography app that merges the concept of panoramic photo capturing with social photo sharing.

Just a word of caution for our readers, in our brief test-run, we found the method for capturing panoramas to be taxing yet rewarding. It takes quite a lot of time and patience to capture a flawless panorama but the result is usually well worth the effort, quite satisfying and a treat to view.


Capturing a panorama without blurs, repetitions or discontinuities is simple but just a tad time-consuming. All you need to do is select the appropriate mode (Indoor/Outdoor) from within the panorama capture screen, tap START and begin turning clockwise where you stand with the camera held steadily at one level, slowly enough to keep the color of the speed indicator between green and yellow.

The procedure may be a little challenging but that is what makes it all the more fun.

360 For Android HomescreenViewing a panorama

In addition to panoramas, the app allows you to capture regular photos. All captured photos and panoramas are saved to the vtc360_android directory in the SD card. Saved panoramas can be viewed, deleted, uploaded to the 360 website or shared with social media contacts from within the My Panoramas tab on the app’s homescreen. The My Profile tab displays all shared panoramas.

On the app’s homescreen, you can view, comment on and like panoramas uploaded by other 360 users or you can shift to the Around me tab to find panorama uploaded from locations close to you.

Panoramas are saved as JPG files which can be viewed with any picture viewer, though they are better viewed from within the app and its “3D viewer”.

Download 360 For Android


  1. I tried this app and it works quite well. The capture is not as tedious as most panorama apps which you need to sync and take multiple images.. Having said that their outside mode is so much easier than their inside mode. Kudos to the team

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