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Create Animations And Add Effects To Them With Moquu For iPhone & iPad

Moquu is a free iOS app that hopes to revolutionize the way GIF animations are created. Each GIF animation created with the app is called a Moquu. To create a Moquu, you can make use of up to 10 images from the Camera Roll of your iPhone or iPad or you can start shooting photos from within the app and create an animation out of them. But that’s not all there is to the app. Read on to find out what makes Moquu stand out from the rest of its kind. Update: The app is now available for WP7 as well (with pretty similar features and interface), and you can find the Marketplace link at the end of this post.

MoquuMoquu Start Screen

As is the norm with most iOS apps these days, the first thing Moquu does when you launch it is to give you a complete graphical tutorial about how to use the app. The app will then allow you to start snapping photos to create an animation. You can take up to 10 shots and merge them into a short sequence. You can use both the rear and front-facing cameras to capture frames of the sequence. The app comes with the option to set up burst timing for a chosen number of shots. If you don’t want to take pictures from the camera, you can load existing photos from your local library.

Photo EffectsSaved Options

Once you are done with the sequence of pictures, tap “Use” in the top-right of your screen to create the animation. Now comes the really cool part. There are plenty of effects available in Moquu which can be applied to the whole sequence or to any individual frame. You can also set the speed of the animation.

Each Moquu you create will automatically be uploaded to the app’s global online collection named Moquu.tv. You can toggle automaic uploadig off if required.

Moquu TVMoquu Tutorial 2

The app’s sharing options are pretty cool too. You can share links to your uploaded GIF sequence with your friends and other Moquu users. You are sure to find more thorough animation creators for the iPhone, but Moquu is an app that is just for fun, and you can afford to be a little clumsy while creating GIFs with it. An app definitely worth a try, even though some users have complained that it crashes too much. It is free, after all, so you have nothing to lose if you give it a shot.

Download Moquu (iPhone)

Download Moquu (iPad)

Download Moquu for WP7

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