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Create Art Or Edit Images On The Go With Fresco For Android

Fresco, to be precise is the art of painting on fresh wet plaster. Developed by XDA-Developers forum member seanw.org, Fresco is one of those rare graphics app that let you create little pieces of art on the go and provides you with some quite useful options and features. Now before you get confused with this app being just an image editor, it’s more than that actually. Freehand drawing on touchscreens just got better and I dare say it can be really addictive once you get the hang of it. Read on for screenshots, features and more!

As said before, the app has plentiful features and screenshots would do it more justice then just words alone.


When you open the app, you’ll be greeted by the page on the top left. To start off with a blank canvas, just hit  the ‘+’ button. As you save images, their thumbnails start appearing in the list as well, so that instead of creating a new canvas, you can simply start editing those. The canvas is pretty well laid out and all the provided tools are easily accessible while you draw away with your fingers, which – if I may add – can be tricky if you have fat fingers.

fresco-color pallettefresco-custom color

The color palette is remarkably polished with the options to create your own custom color. While we certainly can’t complain about the freedom of choice for the colors, the good old color picker would have been awesome. Who knows, we might just get that in the future considering it’s a beta for now.


Selecting that gear icon in the bottom panel would bring up the settings for the brush and the eraser. Customizing the brush can be a breeze and fun with the options you get ranging from the types of tips, which are actually more then can be seen in the screenshot, to setting the spacing of the strokes and even increasing or decreasing the opacity level. You could easily find yourself immersed in trying out the brushes but that’s nothing to be ashamed of you know, we understand.

Now if you thought that was cool, did we tell you this app lets you create layers as well? Well now we did, and that feature alone can cause some major envy from quite a few apps treading along the same lines as this app did, only it treaded a bit quicker. However, as for now, you can only create 2 layers in total as it’s a beta release at this moment. The actual release would not only unlock this option but a quite a few more as well that are frozen right now.

fresco-menufresco-adjust colors

Hit the Menu button on your Android device and you’ll bring up a menu such as the one seen in the screenshot above. It’s pretty much clear what the 6 tabs up there do, and please ignore the messy marketing work. As I said, fat fingers.

You can see that the Adjust Colors tab actually has quite few options built into it but for now, only Contrast, Brightness and Saturation can be adjusted.


Same is the case with the Filters tab with most of the features frozen for now, but what we do have is still pretty brilliant for a Beta, not to mention useful. Another powerful feature this app boasts is the ability to Transform images, or a layer if you wish. The Move/scale/rotate layer option is one of the easiest and most effective tool you’d come across in most mobile image editors. Other then that you have the typical Flip and Rotate options, by layer or by image.


Earlier, if you remember we talked about the app not being JUST an image editor, well we pretty much covered the non image editor part up there but time for some photo editing! Nothing new here though, import an image from your Gallery and paint away! It’s the same as throwing in some background color and painting all over it.


Oh and one last feature, Share! Once you’re done with your image press the Import/Export tab and select Share Image. Send it to your Dropbox, email it, upload it, send it via Bluetooth etc.

There you go, now if you have the slightest bit of an awkward artist in you, this app belongs on your phone.

Download Fresco for Android


  1. I’m the developer of Fresco. Thanks for the detailed preview article! By the way, Fresco does feature a color picker at the moment: hold you finger in place on the canvas for about 1 second and then drag the target around.

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