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Create, Backup & Password-Protect Notes With Snap-it Notes For iPhone

Creating notes on your iOS device is not something about which you worry too much. There is always the stock Notes app, and if you are a bit more adventurous, you can always look in the App Store where a plethora of notes apps are available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. However, that doesn’t mean that all notes apps are equal; some do have certain advantages over others. Snap-it Notes is an example of such note-taking apps that are pretty advanced, and let users do a lot useful stuff with the notes they create. For one, the app lets you add images to notes, and it is also possible to backup your creations to your desktop computer via iTunes. If you are privacy-conscious, Snap-it Notes has something for you as well, as you can put a passcode on it, and no one will be able to see your personal notes.

Snap-it Notes Home Snap-it Notes Tags Snap-it Notes iOS

The main page of Snap-it Notes has just 3 options, including Snap it, Write a note and Archives. The first two options let you decide whether you want to create a note from adding a photo, or by writing. The choice isn’t too important, as it is possible to add either at a later time. When you choose to add an image, the app presents you with two options; the image can be shot directly from the iDevice camera, or you can choose to use an existing one from the stock Photos app. After you have done that, the app will let you add tags that are appropriate for the current note. A handful of tags already exist, but you can define any number of new tags as well. Each note you create using Snap-it Notes can be shared over email, or on your social network.

Snap-it Notes List Snap-it Notes Settings

If you go to the Settings menu of the app (accessible via the “info” button on the main page), it becomes possible to change the fonts being used in the notes. You can also toggle on a passcode for the app, and to create a backup of your work in the app, you will need this menu, too. The backup created by Snap-it Notes is accessible via the iTunes desktop client, and detailed instructions for accessing it can be found under the Transfer Backup option.

Snap-it Notes can prove to be a really useful addition to your iPhone’s app list, and has a pretty decent set of features. The app has gone free for a limited time, so feel free to give it a try by heading to the download link.

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