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Create Digital Copies Of Your Receipts With Lemon For iPhone

No matter how careless you are with your stuff, some things are just too important to lose. Receipts of your purchases can save you from some serious troubles and are helpful in keeping track of your buying habits. However, in today’s almost paper-free world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to preserve and maintain these small slips of paper which are prone to getting lost or damaged. That’s what Lemon is for. Using this handy little iOS app, you can digitize all your receipts and keep them organized within your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Lemon iOS Lemon-Homepage

Lemon provides you with some beginner’s tips at start up to help you understand the basic working of the app. You have to create a new account to use Lemon, which not only helps you access your receipts from its website (www.Lemon.com), but also assigns you a new email account which can be used for keeping in touch with vendors; in other words, lets you keep your purchase-related emails separate from your personal ones. To create that account, you need to specify an existing email address and a new Lemon username.

Lemon Scan Lemon Report

The Scan option on the homepage of Lemon lets you take a picture of the receipt, and scans it afterwards to extract certain bits of data. If the receipt is physically too big to fit in one frame, you can take photos of it in parts using the Add Part option at the bottom of the screen. Once you’re done capturing all parts of the receipt, hit Finish. You can save the scanned receipts under one or more of the categories provided by Lemon by default, or you can add a whole new category and file the scanned slip under it.

Once you have your receipts saved in soft form within Lemon, you can add tags to them to better organize them. The app also generates reports using the data from your previously saved items. This gives you a graphical view of all the money you have spent and the items you have spent it on. The reports sections also supports Timeframe selection to let you analyze relevant data in a specified period of time only.

Lemon can prove to be really helpful when it comes to digitizing your purchase history and being absolutely free, the app definitely deserves a try.

You can download Lemon from the iTunes App Store link provided below.

Download Lemon

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