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Easily Create Folders On Windows Phone 7 Mango [Homebrew]

Folders Windows Phone

Even if most people think that the way apps are listed in Windows Phone 7 is pretty convenient, there is a considerable contingent of users who think having folders on their Mango phone is a good idea. If you have an interop unlocked device, you can create folders on WP7 by using our previously covered tool. However, it is a solution which is far from perfect, as no one is likely to connect their phone to a computer just to create a folder. Fortunately, now there is a better alternative for creating on-device folders. The homebrew named Folders has been developed by the folks over at Windows Phone Hacker, who created the desktop tool as well. Read on to find out how you can create folders on WP7 with complete ease.

Folders WP7 Homepage Folders WP7 App Addition

Using the app is easy. After you have managed to deploy the XAP file to your phone, just go to the app list and launch Folders. To start things off, tap the ‘+’ button in the bottom bar. This will take you to the new folder creation menu. You have to specify the name of the folder, and after that comes the part where you have to add apps and options to the folder. There are two options which can be used to populate a folder; you can either add system apps and options, or you can add any third-party app. In system apps, there are even some Settings options, like Wi-Fi toggle. One thing which must be mentioned, is that, you will need to have an active data or Wi-Fi connection in order to add apps to the folder. This is due to the fact that you will be presented with a list of all apps starting with your specified search term, even if they aren’t on your device, but don’t worry, the installed version of the app will be actually added in the end, and you won’t lose any data.

Folders WP7 Apps Folders WP7

Once you are done adding apps to the folder, save the list, and go back to the app’s homepage. Just tap the name of the folder you created, and it will get pinned to the Start screen. To make changes to a folder at a later time, go to the app, tap edit in the bottom bar and then hit the folder name. Once a folder has been pinned, you just have to tap it, and a list of all the apps it contains will show up.

Like most homebrew apps, Folders is a free app. It comes with two version, one acts just like an app by showing up in the app list, while the other one will integrate with the Settings menu.

Download Folders

[via WindowsPhoneHacker]

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