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Create Live Tile Of Any Group Present In Windows Phone 7 People Hub

Too much information can prove to be a bane rather than a boon. Usually you like to know only what you need to know and lose interest in any further unnecessary details. A smartphone is the ultimate source of information that is with you for almost 24 hours a day. It lets you stay in touch with people you care about and keeps you up to date on the latest happenings in your social circle. Windows Phone 7 has introduced the People Hub for exactly the purpose discussed above; it lets you keep track of who’s up to what these days. You can do this thanks to the integration of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. with this hub. However if you have too many acquaintances added to these sites, then you might risk overlooking updates about people who really matter in your life. But if you have updated to Mango beta, the solution for this dilemma of info-glut is here. We all know that it is possible to create groups in the People hub in Windows Phone 7’s Mango update. Using the method outlined past the break you can learn how to pin whole groups to the Start screen, rather than individual contacts.

The procedure described below will basically let you select the people on your network that are important to you and get them in a separate, easily-viewable group. Once that is done you can pin that group to your home screen as a live tile and get live notifications whenever there is a new update.

WP7 Mango Live Tile


  1. Remember, this method is for Mango users as only Mango offers the Groups feature in the People Hub. You have to create a new Group of your choice to get started. To do this, navigate to “People” menu, and tap the ‘+’ icon. This will give you a number of options.
  2. From among the displayed options, choose Groups.
  3. Name the group whatever you want.
  4. Select “Add a contact” and one by one choose all the people you would like to stay in touch with on regular basis.
  5. Hit save and you are done creating the group. Now you have to pin it as a live tile.
  6. Go back to your home screen and then navigate to the newly created group.
  7. Open the group. You will see a button marked “push pin”. Select it.

Go to your home screen and you will see a live tile of your group there!

[Source Mobility Minded]

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