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Create Personalized Cards & Caption Photos Using TextVite For iPhone

Most things change with the passage of time, but their essence remains the same. Books might have become eBooks, and writing letters on paper might have been taken over by SMS, but the main purpose of both remains essentially the same. Similarly, you still have to invite people over for different events, and most people use simple SMS for doing so. Now for iOS users, there is a classier alternative available for that. Using TextVite, you can easily create beautiful invitation and greeting cards right from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Not only has the app got a few really gorgeous background images and textures, it is also possible to use photos from the camera roll of your iDevice. This ability to use photos of your own makes the app even more useful, as you can utilize TextVite to caption photos and then share them with your friends.

TextVite Welcome TextVite Backgrounds

The app has a pretty simplistic interface, and on top of that, it guides its users on every step, showcasing its features and usage. Before you begin creating a new invitation card using TextVite, you will have to choose a background image. To do so, tap the Start button located at the bottom right of the screen. This brings up the circular menu of the app, and from there you can choose whether you want to use a background image from your camera roll, snap a photo right from within the app, or apply one of the preexisting images available in TextVite. Once the image has been selected, tap the Next button from the circular menu, and you are ready to create your first TextVite.

TextVite Edit TextVite Card

The app comes with predefined fields, and you just have to enter relevant data in them to create the invitation. The main title has to entered in the What section, while the time and location go in When and Where, respectively. Any additional notes can be made in Details. If you are just captioning a photo, which you loaded for the background, it is possible to remove the excess fields by tapping the ‘-‘ button next to each one. The level of customization offered by TextVite is pretty deep, and you can make changes to the text font, color, field style and opacity. When you are done with everything, tap the Finish button from the wheel menu and the created photo or card will be saved to the camera roll of your iPhone. The app also presents its users with an option to send the created image via SMS directly from within TextVite.

TextVite usually runs for $2.99, but for a limited time, you can grab it for free by heading to the link below.

Download TextVite

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