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Create Personalized Feed Of Music News With Muzine For iPad

Music these days goes way beyond just listening to songs. Singers are some of the biggest celebrities around, and that is why there are many sources where you can stay in touch with the latest happenings in the music industry. Muzine is one such app which will make sure that you are always the first to know each time your favorite band is about to release their new single, or your favorite singer signs a record deal. You can find these new items all over the web, but Muzine aggregates everything for you, and goes a step further by letting you personalize everything and choosing the artists you are interested in, so that the newsfeed in the app is arranged accordingly. The app will even analyze the songs which are already there in your iPad’s music library, and that’s what makes this iOS app perfect for music lovers.

Muzine Featured Muzine Article

When you first launch Muzine, you are greeted with the featured items of the day. These articles, which are recently added to the database of Muzine, are related to current music events. Each article opens in a new window within the app, and you can also choose to read it on the web. The sharing articles for articles include Facebook, Twitter and email. The app supports both landscape and portrait mode, and has a pretty neat interface overall.

Muzine Artist Muzine Personal News

The best feature of the app is My News, and it is in this section that you can create the personalized newsfeed, choosing your favorite artists. To do so, hit the search button in the top bar and look for the desired singer or band. All artists have their own profiles in Muzine, and in those profiles, you can view their Biography, Tour dates and details of their music and videos. You can view the singer’s photos as well, and the cover of the profile changes as soon as you hit the photo’s icon. To add the searched singer to My News, just tap the Read in My News button located below the artist’s name on their profile. Now, you will be able to see articles related to the singers you have added to the personalized newsfeed. My News also imports artist details from the music library of your iPad, and they are added to the section automatically.

Muzine is a free app, and if you are a music lover with an iPad, do give it a try.

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