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Create Reminders, To-Do & Informative Lists With Listomatic For iPhone

Siri has made it easy for users to create reminders on the go. Other than Apple’s talking personal assistant, there are many good apps available for iOS devices that let users make to-do lists to help them remember important stuff. Listomatic, however, is an app which is not merely for creating reminders. Using the app, iPhone users can create any kind of list. Listomatic has the potential to be used as a reminders app, a to-do keeper, and also a means of sharing informative lists with other people. Sharing anything in a form of a list is always convenient, and others can understand the things discussed more comprehensively, and in lesser time. Read on to learn more about Listomatic.

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The app is built around simplicity, and there are just two modes in which it can be used. Users can create a reminder list, or just an informative one, which can be anything ranging from a shopping list to an accumulation of the names of all your coworkers. To get started, you will have to tap the ‘+’ button in the bottom left corner. Once you have done that, choose whether you want to create a to-do list or an informative one. Both have different formats, so the choice is important. Against the entries in all informative items, you can attach photos (either from the camera roll or straight from the device’s camera). Adding a description is also possible.

If the list you are creating is a to-do one, Listomatic will let you mark items that have been accomplished. There are also filters available which will separate completed and pending tasks. All the lists in Listomatic can be shared with other users via email, and the option to do so is available at the end of every list. To reorder or delete tasks from any of the entries, there is the Edit button in the top right corner of Listomatic.

Some people are sure to look at Listomatic as just another reminders app, but the fact of the matter is that no other list app is as aesthetically pleasing as this one. The whole advantage of the app lies in the way it handles entries in the list, and instead of having to go through complicated steps just to delete an event, you can just tap it for a strike-through effect. The app is available as a free download at the following link.

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