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Create/ Share Colorful Notes & Convert To PDF With Cool Writer HD [iOS]

By now, the iOS app collection has reached a point of saturation where very few apps have the potential to surprise you and entice users to download them. The same holds true for notes app, and there are many good contenders which offer a variety of features for people wishing to experiment a little with the way they write on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Cool Writer HD is another notes app, and the customization options it brings to the mix are impressive, to say the least. Not only does it have many cosmetic features, the app can also be used to sync notes to Dropbox and convert them to PDF or image formats as well.

Cool Writer HD Home Cool Writer HD Keyboards

Cool Writer HD offers just about any kind of keyboard you can possibly think of. In addition to the standard iOS keyboard, there is a separate one for Emoji, shortcuts, clipart and even one which lets you input text in mirrored form. You can also navigate through the notes you create using the arrow keys which come incorporated with the app’s keyboards. You may also customize just about any part of the app, and even apply a background image from your Camera Roll to the note or to Cool Writer’s homepage. The documents you create using the app appear on the homepage, and can also be stored within the folders which the app allows you to create. The attention to detail is so great in Cool Writer HD that you can even change the color of buttons present in the app.

Cool Writer HD Backgrounds Cool Writer HD Custom Colors Cool Writer HD Settings

Once you are done creating a note using the beautiful text colors and backgrounds available in the app, you can convert it to an image or a PDF file via the options present in Cool Writer HD. The sharing options are pretty impressive as well, with Dropbox syncing and Cool Writer’s own web server on offer. You can import notes from Dropbox to the app and then convert them to PDF. In the settings menu, there are options to customize fonts, set up shortcuts and accessory keys and also link your web account with the app. The ability to let you search for text within each note completes the list of features in Cool Writer HD.

Cool Writer HD is a universal app, and has recently gone free. You can grab it from the download link given below.

Download Cool Writer HD

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