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Create Your Own Live Wallpapers On Android With Ownskin DiY

Hardcore Android users love tweaking the various aspects/looks of their devices through homescreen replacement apps, custom lock screens, live wallpapers, homescreen widgets, themes and custom ROMs. Ownskin DiY, the free online live wallpaper creator is now available as a free app for Android. Using the app and its online theme library, you can download/install hundreds of themes for free, edit them and the widgets within through the app’s own Wallpaper Editor and share your creations with the world. And what’s best, you don’t even need to root your device.

Ownskin DiY lets you use a custom background for your live wallpapers and by applying various effects/filters on the widgets, you can make them look more attractive.


The app’s main interface allows you to browse, search, download and install a theme of your liking. All your downloaded and saved themes are stored under the My Store tab on this screen. Tap a theme of your liking to preview it, rate it, view its description, stats and comments, share or delete it. Also, you have the Open/Edit buttons at the bottom to customize a theme within the aforementioned Wallpaper Editor.

While in editing mode, you may use different controls from the toolbar at the top to resize, rotate and animate any object within the theme. There is also an option to adjust the opacity/transparency of a selected object, customize its color and even link it to an installed app. Tap on the settings button to lock/unlock or delete an item on the wallpaper.

The toolbar at the bottom displays the home screen number on which you’re currently working. The left/right arrow buttons let you switch from the current to the next or previous screen while the play button allows you to preview your live wallpaper. Once done with all the editing, simply tap Menu > Save.


To apply a Ownskin DiY live wallpaper, long press on a vacant spot anywhere on your homescreen and select Wallpapers > Live wallpapers > DiY OwnSkin. From within the Settings screen of the live wallpaper, you can set a custom background for it, access the online store of the app and launch the Wallpaper Editor . Under the Extras menu on said screen, you can define a method to launch a shortcut/widget (via single tap, double tap or choose to keep it completely inactive) and set the overall animation speed of the live wallpaper.

All in all, Ownskin DiY can be deemed as a commendable effort in its own respect as it provides you with a chance to show your own creativity by designing a personalized live wallpaper on your Android device.

Download Ownskin DIY for Android

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