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Creative Studio: Edit/ Apply Effects To Photos On Lumia & Unlocked WP7

Not only has Nokia got the permission to customize Windows Phone 7 to be used in the Lumia series, they also keep a constant stream of exclusive Mango apps coming for their users. The latest addition to the Nokia section of the WP7 Marketplace is Creative Studio. It is a camera replacement app which will let you snap pictures and apply a bunch of stunning effects to them. Apart from that, the app can be used to make basic changes to your images, and just for fun, there is a whole section for giving funny faces to the photos you take using Creative Studio. The best feature of the app is its ability to let you take panorama images with complete ease, and the results are just stunning.

Creative Studios Panorama

The homepage of Creative Studio lists three options for loading images for editing. You can take a photo straight from the camera, load it from Camera Roll or enter panorama mode to start shooting panoramic images. The panorama mode lets users take 4 images, and then stitches them automatically. The panorama cam in Creative Studio is so easy to use that you just have to keep moving your phone’s camera, and the app will automatically detect the position and shoot the next photo. Like ordinary photos, panorama images can also be edited, and you can even apply filters to them.

Creative Studios Nokia Creative Studios WP7 Nokia

The editing options offered by Creative Studio are pretty thorough. It is possible to make changes to image size, orientation, brightness, hue, saturation, colors & sharpness. If you think you have shot the photo perfectly and don’t have to edit it, Creative Studio has something more to offer. Just tap the edit button in the bottom bar and check out the awesome photo effects which the app has got. There aren’t a lot of filters, but enough to give a completely revamped look to the image you captured. Creative Studio even has an option to let you compare the results of an effect before applying it, which splits the screen in two, showing both the edited and untouched versions. For people who are just looking for some fun, there is the Face Warps section, which (for laughs) will let you distort the faces of people you love (or hate).

Creative Studio is a free app available for Lumia phones only, but if you have a developer unlocked non-Nokia WP7, you can grab the XAP file for Creative Studio at the link given below and try running it on your phone.

Download Creative Studio (Nokia Lumia only)

Download Creative Studio (Developer Unlocked WP7)

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