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CRM & Sales Management App Base Now Available For Android

Although the Android Market presents its users with numerous business-related apps, not many are tailor-made for your sales tracking and customer relationship management (CRM) needs. That said, not all the available solutions are free, or very user-friendly. Enter Base – a simplistic business app for Android and iOS that caters for your business tasks, deals, contact management and sales-related chores in a very effective way. The app provides a simple platform for managing any business deals that you’ve recently struck, new company/clients you’ve shook hands with, new tasks relevant to your business that you wish to get completed, individuals or companies that you plan to assign a particular project to, and any sales tracking information that you want to log for record-keeping, complete with notes, relevant tasks and concerned entities.

The app has only recently been released to the Android Market, after a successful run in the iTunes App Store.


Another highlighting aspect of Base is that it stores your content on Base cloud, and lets you access all data from virtually anywhere. Needless to say, in order to access your content, you must log in to the app with your Base account.

To help you understand its UI, the app guides you through a comprehensive tutorial at startup. Once past that, you’re taken to the app’s homescreen that comprises shortcuts to all core components of your business, including Contacts, Tasks, Sales and a Dashboard that displays an overview of your recent business activities. Based on the current status and budget value of your sales, you’re also presented with the projected Sales potential figure.


Managing contacts, tasks, subtasks, relevant notes and supplementary content with Base is quite simple. To help you find required content, the app also lets you filter search results.


You may add a company or an individual contact with details such as mail addresses, contact numbers, tags, postal address, social network profiles, postal code et al. For your tasks, you can specify concerned people, the owner, the due date, associate each task with a specific deal and mark each as ‘done’ by tapping the the checkbox displayed alongside its title.


Creating a business sales deal is simple too. To every new deal that you create, you can assign contacts, a Deal budget and tags of your choice, and mark it as a Hot deal. After a deal has been added, you can specify its Source (whether it comes from a website, referral, newspaper ad etc), as well as current Stage (Incoming, Qualified, Won, Quote etc).


To sync the app’s content with your Base cloud, simply hit Menu > Sync.

Download Base for Android

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