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Crosswa.lk Recommends iOS Apps Based On Interests & Social Network

If you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, then you are sure to know that apps have become a way of life for many people. No matter what you do during your routine, chances are that there is an app for that waiting for you in the iOS App Store. Due to this universal importance of apps, and the sheer number that they exist in, it becomes a rather tedious task trying to discover new ones which will be suitable for you. Apart from that, apps are always getting updates and price cuts, and one cannot hope to stay up to date with everything going on in the App Store. That is why there are many app discovery utilities and services for iOS users (like the previously covered Kinetik), but the new app Crosswa.lk takes app discovery to a whole new level. Crosswa.lk recommends apps to you by analyzing your interests, the app collection of your Facebook friends and the apps you already have on your iDevice.

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To start using Crosswa.lk, you will have to create a new, app-specific account. There are two options for doing so, and you can use both an email ID or Facebook to sign up. After you have done that, the app will ask you if you would like to follow any of the featured users or your social network friends. In addition to that, the app also lists Communities based on different interests, and users can join any community which defines their interest appropriately.

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When you have done all that, you can start enjoying the recommendations displayed by Crosswa.lk. If you are just looking to discover apps which are generally popular, and not just among your friends, there is the Trending Apps menu for that. It is also possible to browse through suggestions based on their categories. The real fun starts when you view Recommendations and Communities. These are the sections of the app where you can find apps which are more likely to match your interests and requirements. To keep you in touch with the price reductions, Crosswa.lk comes up with the Apps on Sale tab. Each app you find in the app’s feed includes its App Store description, along with reviews and likes from fellow Crosswa.lk users. You can provide your own feedback regarding apps via the three big have it, like it and rate it buttons.

Cross.walk is available as a free download, and might prove to be a useful app if you like to keep your Springboard always full.

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