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Crowd-Sourced Weather App ‘Weddar’ Hits The Android Market

When it comes to checking updated weather forecasts and climatic conditions from all over the world through smartphones, it’s an almost certain that you’ll find plenty of apps that can serve you the favor. However, what if you’re looking to get a real idea of how it actually ‘feels’ like in a particular region in terms of the current weather conditions? What if you’re looking for a simple way to explain those conditions to someone, without getting into the usual, detailed meteorological/weather parameters (temperature, barometer, humidity, precipitation, wind direction et al).Weddar appears to have the answer. Initially released as an iOS-only app, Weddar has finally brought its crowd-sourced weather reporting to the Android Market.

Weddar, through its color-coded clouds and four weather conditions (Cloudy, Rainy, Windy, Snowy), lets you check and inform others of the actual feel of the weather in a particular region of the world. The app displays your current location on map via GPS, and provides you an opportunity to help other users of the app to get a simplistic, yet accurate, measure of the weather at your place.


If you’re looking to explore weather conditions for a chosen vacation spot anywhere in the world, it’s recommended that you have the Weddar app installed on your device, along with a rather proper weather app, because predicted weather forecasts aren’t always accurate, and you must have someone trustworthy to keep you updated about the actual conditions. The best part about the app is its neat and simple-to-understand interface.

Just fire the app on your device, login with a valid Weddar, Facebook or Twitter account, tap Check, and navigate on map to a desired location, anticipating that a Weddar user has some help to offer you through their reporting. While each colored cloud on map represents a specific weather type/feel, tapping on the cloud > Details takes you to the profile of the user who has shared the information. From this screen, you can add a location to your favorites and view detailed profile of the user such as number of reports shared, locations reported, points earned, requests handled, and various other reporters added by him/her. If you find these statistics helpful enough, you may add the user to your very own reporters list.


From the reporting perspective, you can share/report the weather conditions of your location by tapping the Report tab. Depending upon the extent of the various aforementioned conditions (Cloudy, Rainy, Windy and/or Snowy), tap on the appropriate category (3 taps maximum) and pick a cloud color of your liking. That’s it; you’ve shared your local weather information with the world. Using the same procedure, you may update this information as and when required.

Want to share your reports with your Facebook/Twitter friends? Tap Menu > Preferences and toggle the sharing option on both said social networks on/off. From the same screen, you may also opt to keep your privacy intact without sharing your profile with others. The Profile tab on the app’s homescreen carries all your detailed Weddar statistics, while the Leaderboard tab lists The Weddar Top 50 users in terms of the points earned by helping other users out. Depending upon the points earned, the app may rank you as a plain Rookie or at best, the Weddar GOD.


All the points scoring and leaderboard statistics aside, the authenticity and reliability of the weather information shared via Weddar remains a question mark, as all the data flows in from unconfirmed sources. Therefore, if you’re considering it as a replacement for your regular weather app, or want to trust those ‘smiling’ clouds on the map, then do so at your own risk!

Download Weddar for Android

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