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Curiosa: Keyword-Based Cydia Update Alerts In iOS Notification Center

The Cydia store houses a lot of useful tweaks and apps, which strive towards making jailbroken iOS devices better for general users. Despite the importance of the Cydia store, there are not many ways of customizing it, or making it better for your own usage. So, it is good to see the new tweak named Curiosa that is focused on tweaking the Cydia store itself. You might have noticed that the only way Cydia shows new changes and available updates to its users is via a badge on its Springboard icon. This is a pretty unintuitive method, as the badge is only refreshed when you launch the store and update the Changes section. On the other hand, Curiosa not only automates this process of refreshing, it will also send you notifications whenever newer updates are available, and comes with Notification Center integration to top it all off.

Curiosa-notification Curiosa-for-iPhone

Curiosa has some pretty customizable options, and you can configure it from the stock Settings app. First of all you have to choose the time interval after which the repositories and packages will be refreshed to look if there are any new updates available. You can choose this time to be anywhere between a day or after every hour. It is also possible to set the refresh time to After every respring, or you can choose to manually refresh the Cydia store any time you want. In the Action Events menu there are options to let you choose any Activator gesture which will perform the refresh action. Whenever new updates are found, a banner notification will be displayed, and tapping it will take you to the Curiosa menu in Notification Center, where you can view all the details of available updates.

Curiosa has a dual purpose, which goes beyond mere update notifications. The tweak can also be configured to notify users every time there are updates related to any specified keyword. These notifications will be pushed to you even if the Cydia tweaks to which the update belongs is not installed on your iDevice. This is useful if you are looking to stay in touch with the new tweaks related to any area of iOS (say, Notification Center).

Overall, Curiosa is a very useful tweak, and if you have a jailbroken iDevice, then do install it. To get the tweak you will have to add the following repo to the Cydia store


Once you have done that, Curiosa will become available as a free download.

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