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Currently Tech News: Minimalistic Technology News Reader For Android

More than any other facet of our modern lives, it’s the world of technology that moves at the fastest rate and often, one finds it hard enough to keep abreast of all the latest advancements in said arena. However, thanks to the abundance of technology-related blogs and websites, the task has become much easier. Quite obviously, keeping a tab on feeds from various resources on a frequent basis is not always easy and you need an application that can not only glean all the hot-running news for you but also alert you of recently released news. Well, if you’re an Android user, then Currently Tech News might offer some assistance. You’d find fewer apps on the Android Market that serve complete justice to their title the way this app does. Currently Tech News is all about keeping the users apprised of all the latest news from the technology world, flowing in through from some of the most renowned online news sources. With all the updated news from the past hour as well as from the current day presented in an uncluttered manner, Currently Tech News ensures that you don’t miss out on anything.


Amid all the various dynamic and hyper-interactive Android RSS feed readers and news aggregators that are already ruling the Android Market, if you’re still looking for a clean and simple technology news app, then Currently Tech News is definitely worth a try.

On the app’s homescreen, you have tabs for news that have been trending in the Past hour as well as Today. Both tabs carry the top-100 latest news, each supplemented by a number and an arrow-shaped icon that signifies its popularity among readers. Tapping on a news lets you view the story in a browser while long pressing on it lets you share it with your online buddies. Status bar notifications keep you apprised of any latest development that occurs anywhere in the tech world.

You can tap Menu > Settings to toggle the app’s notifications or enable Quiet Time, which automatically disables all notifications during a user-defined time interval.

Currently-Tech-News-Android-Today Currently-Tech-News-Android-Settings

Despite sporting a simplistic interface, Currently Tech News packs enough content to keep users updated with most of what’s going on in the technology arena. However, the option of adding custom blogs/websites and a nice little homescreen widget could help Currently Tech News compete with feature-rich readers such as FLUD, WebTalks, Aggregator et al.

Download Currently Tech News for Android


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