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Custom ROMs For HTC WP7 Phones Released – How To Install

A few days back we covered the first ever custom ROM developed for HTC HD7. As common sense implied, if it could be done for the HD7, other HTC devices shouldn’t be too far behind. And sure enough, here is the big news. The Dark Force Team (DFT) over at XDA has launched a barrage of custom ROMs for all HTC devices. As can be expected, there aren’t too many new or distinguishing features in the new releases, but you will still get a full unlock on all your devices, and the looks of each ROM aren’t too bad as well. The DFT team has been into the business of releasing custom ROMs for Windows Phone for quite a while, and ceratinly know what they are doing. The HTC ROMs offers new languages, interface tweaks and of course, more accent colors.

The ROMs, just like their HD7 counterpart, have minimal new functionality. That means you won’t be getting content search or new theme colors on your phone (not yet at least), but it’s still a good start. All the ROMs do at the moment is give you Mango on the phone, along with full unlock. But what’s important is not the changes it provides, but the method and future promise. The developers of the ROMs have promised that they are going to be releasing new versions of each ROM as soon as Mango comes out officially. You don’t have to use too much imagination to think of the kind of features the DFT will bring to their ROMs after Mango’s release, when they have brought Mango to the masses merely after its announcement.

HTC Windows Phone 7

The ROMs support 22 languages, and for some carriers will de-brand your phone too. This means all the carrier-specific apps will be removed from the device, and you will be free to get updates from WP7 as soon as they are released without waiting for your operator to slowly trickle it down to you. This makes the DFT ROMs perfect for everyone who is very excited about Mango, as the ROM will let you get your hands on the official release as soon as Microsoft rolls it out.

So how can you install this ROM on your HTC device? The steps are the same as the ones for HD7, so head over and  follow our custom HD7 WP7 ROM installation guide.

For a list of supported devices and further details, visit the official XDA forum thread.

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