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Custom Slideshows & Dynamic Bing Wallpapers For WP7 Lockscreen [Homebrew]

On the surface, it might seem like developers are not really interested in Windows Phone 7, but the truth of the matter is that the Mango platform does have its band of dedicated developers, not the least of whom is Jaxbot from Windows Phone Hacker. The WP7 wizard has done it again, and after Orientation Lock, Folders, Windows Break and various other groundbreaking homebrews, now you can apply dynamic images as the wallpaper of your Windows Phone. I am a big fan of new wallpapers personally, and that’s why I like to change the background of my phone’s lockscreen daily (computer as well). With the new homebrew (Dynamic Background), however, that problem has been solved, and I won’t have to change the wallpapers manually again. Dynamic Background can be used to set up a slideshow for the lockscreen, and it also comes with the option to tap into the dynamic Bing wallpapers, and your lockscreen will reflect the search engine’s background automatically.

Dynamic Background WP7 Dynamic Background Lockscreen

You need to have root access over your WP7 in order to use the app. If you do have a fully unlocked device, flash the XAP file of Dynamic Background to your phone, and then launch it. The interface of the app is pretty minimalistic, but enough to get the job done. As stated earlier, there are two main options in the homebrew. You can choose to use Bing Backgrounds, or the app allows you to create a customized slideshow which can be applied to the lockscreen. Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose the time lapse between the photo changes, and the app will change the images every 30 minutes. On the bright side, it is possible to add as many images to the show as you want. To do so, tap the ‘+’ button in the bottom left. This will take you straight to the Pictures hub, from where any photo can be chosen for the slideshow. once you have chosen all the desired photos, exit the app and the slideshow will be applied automatically.

If you chose the Bing Background option, tap the Update Now button afterwards, and exit the app. From then on Dynamic Background will set the day’s Bing image as your wallpaper automatically. If the option doesn’t start working straight away, try hitting the search button in your phone, and then go back to the lockscreen. The homebrew is available is a free download, and you can grab it at the source link given below.

[via WPHacker]

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