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Customizable RSS Reader FLUD News Hits The Android Market

News and RSS feed readers enjoy their fair share of fan base among mobile users. If you start exploring the app stores of Android and iOS, you’ll be treated to some quality alternatives in this regard. That said, while lots of names are destined to leave the scene way too early, others enjoy every single bit of admiration and acknowledgement that they possibly can get from the users. This particular post focuses on one such app.  FLUD News is a popular mobile news reader that comes with support to search, browse and display your favorite news topics, blogs as well as RSS feeds through a visually appealing interface. Initially released as an iOS-only app, FLUD has been recently launched for Android users as well. Apart a few preloaded news feeds, FLUD offers ample customization features to the users so that they can easily manage their preferred feeds, share favorite stories through mail and view opened stories in offline mode.


FLUD brings some very interactive and easy-to-use news reading features to Android users. The interface of the app is quite catchy. Each story is displayed as a thumbnail to allow users quick view and access. News pages are opened in a neat and graphically rich UI along with support for multimedia. However, readers can also avail the option of viewing opened stories in a web browser or opt for Web View feature to browse web pages within the app. With FLUD, you can select your favorite news services, pick from the best news sources of FLUD and add preferred news services to FLUD home screen in form of a new window. Apart from checking most popular FLUD feeds, you can also sync your favorite Google Reader feeds, select the best of the lot and manage them from My News tab.

Using FLUD is quite simple too. Swipe left/right on app’s home screen to check out news feeds from selected services. The app supports easy switch between window mode and full-screen mode for news services as well as opened stories. Check out news stories in full-screen mode and swipe left/right on the screen to browse through various news pages. Pages can be zoomed in/out with pinch gesture. Bookmark your favorite stories and access all your bookmarks from a separate page. Each and every bookmarked story automatically gets promoted to the FLUD feed. You can also filter news categories according to your preference.

Download FLUD News for Android

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