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Cut The Rope: Experiments Released For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

The sequel to ZeptoLab’s smash hit, multiplatform mobile game (yes, the one that everyone has been talking about for the past one day and a half) is finally out. Cut the Rope: Experiments has hit the iTunes App Store and with it come 75 new challenging levels spread across 3 tiers (or level packs, as they are called), new gameplay elements and of course, the ever-adorable Om Nom who seems to have learned a few new tricks (does a handstand when tapped or idle). The sequel introduces a new character – a mad scientist who finds the little green alien in a carton on his doorstep and begins to run experiment after experiment to test the creature’s apparent lust for candy. Join us after the break for more.


New gameplay elements include rope shooters, trampolines and suction cups, the first of which appears in the second level pack (Shooting the candy) and the latter appears in the third (Sticky steps). The first tier (Getting started) is merely a revision of the original game and all its elements, though, as should be expected, is a tad more challenging than the initial levels of the original.


We played the first few levels of the second tier and found the new elements delightful. Like with all other Cut the Rope elements, you need to think before you leap and get your timing right.

In addition, the game also seems to have added an Album (Professor’s Album) section where there seem to be empty slots for five photos, one of which can be revealed by Liking Cut the Rope’s Facebook page while the rest may possibly be unlocked through achievements earned within the game.

Cut-the-Rope-Experiments Suction-CupsCut-the-Rope-Experiments-Professor's-Album-Photo-Unlock

Cut the Rope: Experiments is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 3.0 or above. The iPhone variant of the game sports a meager $1.29 price tag while the iPad version (Cut the Rope: Experiments HD) will cost you $1.99. App Store links to both provided below.

Download Cut the Rope: Experiments

Download Cut the Rope: Experiments HD


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