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CyanogenMod 7 Boots On HP TouchPad Tablet – Video Revealed

Hp TouchPad CM7Since HP pulled the plug on it’s WebOS, the latest HP TouchPad – if it had feelings – must have felt the distress of abandonment having been left to walk the tough road along side Android and iOS all alone. This also caused the device to go on sale for as cheap as $99, and no surprise there, the Tablet was soon out of stock. Now those of you who own the device, if you’re a tech freak and a geek at the same time, you might understand the potential the device has. You may or may not already know, that developers are trying to port the Android OS as we speak onto the HP TouchPad. Today we have confirmation, that developers at CyanogenMod have managed to port the famous CyanogenMod 7 custom ROM onto the tablet, to the effect that it actually booted up!

This is a huge accomplishment confirming that stock Android OS or custom ROMs could soon find themselves being ported onto the device. The ROM for now, as mentioned earlier, the ROM only boots up and the touch input is not working for now with the drivers broken, which right now is the main area of focus. With that working, we would hopefully see some beta releases, but for now, just keep your fingers crossed that the build becomes a functional one soon. You can see the video of the ROM actually booting up on the TouchPad below, courtesy of CyanogenMod.

Here’s word from CyanogenMod as it is in the email received by RootzWiki:

Hey Internet/RootzWiki–

Here is some (older) touchpad progress from Friday. The Cyanogenmod team wanted to share it with the public as a blatant publicity stunt to bring attention to our need for a few more touchpads (for developers currently working without them).

As you can see from this quick demo, we’ve been working hard and have made progress. Since this video was created last week, the build has been more “tabletized” (tablet tweaks added, etc.), lvm support has been added, and 2d hardware acceleration should appear very soon.

The touchscreen driver issue is now the focus of our attention.

Our ultimate vision is to create a *multiboot* solution where the end user will be able to boot into WebOS, Cyanogenmod, and/or other OSes. This appears to be very possible, and we have discussed several potential implementations with our new friends in the WebOS development community to make it easy for an end-user to set up.

For the moment though, we need about 4 tablets, as we have talented and experienced developers who cannot contribute effectively due to a lack of hardware. If you have an extra touchpad and are willing to help the cause, please let us know in the comments below.

A BIG CAVEAT– PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR ETAS. For the uninitiated, this is the #1 rule for Cyanogenmod. It will certainly be a long while before our goals become reality. Our goals incidentally are not connected with any bounty– we are motivated to do it right, not do it fast.

And now the obligatory shout outs– Thanks to rootzwiki and all the devs and everyone else who are collaborating and contributing to this project. You know who you are, you.

The CM team

PS- Yes, this is gingerbread (Android 2.3.5). Everything you see, except for bootie the bootloader (a great kid’s show btw), was compiled from source.

Stay tuned for further updates and leaks regarding this ROM on the TouchPad.

[via rootzwiki]


  1. HP’s employee offer went live just now 9am PST. Hopefully you will have more volunteers with devices available by the end of today (or as soon as they ship).

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