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Official CM9 ROM For Galaxy S II [Experimental] [Download]

The Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 gets CyanogenMod 9 based on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. ICS for the Galaxy S II seems quiet far away, and by that we mean, a stable ROM, be it custom or official. After a lot of ICS based ROMs surfaced for the SGS II, all which are buggy and incomplete (by no means do we undermine the efforts put into the releases by developers), it is good to see something coming in straight from CyanogenMod itself. The recent CM9 release, like the many custom ROMs before it, is a highly experimental build, that is in no way recommended to be used as a daily driver. According to the forum thread, we’re looking at a functional build of CM9 in either January or February, but heck, Android enthusiasts are never up for waiting.

“Credits to AdamG-, atinm, codeworkx, coolya, guiper, nebkat, Unhelpful, xplodwild, yjwong, teamhacksung, the cyanogenmod-team.” sgs2 CM9

Needless to say, novice users with no experience of flashing custom ROMs, should stay away from this ROM. Here are some of the known bugs so far:

  • RIL crashes on providers with NITZ, makes phone unusable (need new leak).
  • Button backlights (Samsung has to fix it, they’ve messed it up).
  • Low haptic feedback (need kernel sources to fix it).
  • Sensors aren’t working very good (need kernel sources).
  • Video recording (need new leak).
  • Youtube video playback (black).
  • Some missing video codecs.
  • And a lot more.

image image

The ROM also comes with the ICS dedicated feature, that is Face Unlock.  However a separate file has to be flashed independently for this feature to work.

Now there are two ways you can go around flashing this ROM on your device, via ClockworkMod recovery or via ODIN. However, if you decide to flash the ROM via ClockworkMod recovery, you will need to be running ICS bootloaders firstly. That of course is tricky, so flashing via ODIN is the better and safer option. That said, the ODIN package has not been updated as yet, whereas the CWM package is updated.

You can head over to the forum thread at XDA-Developers for instructions on how to flash the ROM on your device, because if you know what you’re dealing with here, you don’t need our step by step instructions to walk you through the process. As for the novice users, this ROM is not meant for you. However, if you’re still eager, you have the download links below.

Download CM9 (ODIN)

Download CM9 (CWM)

Google Apps

Face Unlock

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