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Data Detective: Monitor Data Usage & Cost In Local Currency [Android]

Although there are plenty of data monitoring & tracking apps on the Android Market such as Onavo, My Data Manager and Stats etc., not all provide you with estimates of how much money you will be charged for the amount of data that you’ve consumed over a period of time, and that too, in your local currency. This is where Data Detective steps in. Featuring numerous useful data monitoring, controlling and usage tips, graphical analysis of total mobile and Wi-Fi data usage, and detailed breakdown of data usage and cost incurred by individual apps, Data Detective ensures that you know how much you’re spending on mobile internet.

Data-Detective-Android-Applications Data-Detective-Android-Totals

When launched for the first time, the app prompts you to specify your local currency, first day of billing cycle, and data subscription plan. Under the subscription settings, the app lets you choose from various subscription types such as Pay as you go, Monthly cap with overage fees, Monthly cap with throttling and Unlimited data plan. If you’ve subscribed to a monthly subscription plan, you need to specify the maximum allotted Quota (in MB or GB). Once all the required information is provided, you’re taken to the app’s homescreen.

Data-Detective-Android-Billing1 Data-Detective-Android-Billing2

The homescreen of Data Detective comprises a total of three tabs, namely Quota & Tips, Applications and Totals. To learn the ideal way to keep your data cost and data consumption habits in control, you can hit the Quota & Tips tab, and benefit from the suggestions provided therein.

The Application tab list all the apps as per their data usage. For each app listed, you can check individual counters for its total cost as well as bandwidth consumption (in kB) over Wi-Fi and mobile data. The Totals tab displays a graphical representation of the total data that you’ve sent or received so far over your mobile data plan, Wi-Fi or both. Data is displayed on a pie chart, where the grey and green segments represent the sent and received data respectively.

Tap Menu To filter the information under the Applications and Totals tab according to a defined time period (data usage from last 24 hours, 7 days, the ongoing month or last 30 days).

Data-Detective-Android-Tips Data-Detective-Android-Settings

The app’s settings screen (Menu > Settings) can be used to redefine aforementioned subscription settings, and restart the app’s data counters.

Note: Since Data Detective applies user-defined billing values to determine data consumption costs, the estimated values may vary as compared to the actual bill that contains numerous other hidden/service charges.

The app has a free ad-supported version and a paid version without ads that will cost you $1.69 .

Download Data Detective for Android (Free)

Download Data Detective Pro for Android (Paid)

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